Looking for unique, custom-made jewelry from Images and hand drawn examples? SG Custom Silver gives you the pleasure of creating and owning a singular piece of jewelry that will become a part of you or your family. I give you the opportunity to bring your own desires to life in jewelry designed just for you. Not only will your personal jewelry design be a unique representation of you, it will also give you an heirloom quality creation of art that you will be proud to pass down through the generations of your family.


One of a kind guarantee. Anything you request is guaranteed to be made only for you and will never be reproduced for anyone other then you. The next 2 rings are custom made, highly detailed and although I’ve gotten offers, I cannot make these rings again. This Pentagram ring was custom made for the beautiful Cervena Fox. No pictures or drawings were sent to me, she just wanted a pentagram ring made in my style. The finished ring is nicely detailed with a custom bonus engraved on the inside.


To the right is a custom sapphire ring. I get lots of requests for this one, unfortunately I cannot duplicate this ring, this one is a one of a kind. Its not your typical ring style but its made specifically for my mother in my design style. It has a 6ct cushion cut blue sapphire and 3 sapphire side stones on each side.


Custom designs can be simple in design or highly detailed. Its up to you, but regardless of its simplicity or complexity, it will be your own design come to life. Here is a butterfly drawn by a friend to make into a pendant. This is to be a personal gift and the end result is a beautiful pendant and his very own design.


More detail means more effort and skill. While we understand that not everyone can purchase such works of art, we do believe that everyone deserves the best quality and value for their purchase, regardless of price. This is my version of the Cheshire Cat ring. I originally made for my niece using one of her favorite pictures. I wanted this to be unique and high in detail. The end result is amazingly detailed and made a great gift.


Rings are not the only jewelry that can be custom made. I also create pendants, beads, earrings, and other items. Here are some examples of my other work. An ornately detailed cross pendant. Both sides are equally detailed and made to last a long time. I also do beads as shown on the right. The demon bead is one of my more popular beads. Unfortunately im limiting this design to only 50. First of its kind, a horned skull bead like this has never been done before.


If you would like me to estimate the price for your unique custom jewelry design, please contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you in any way that I can.